Album release date and launch eve...

The long awaited debut album from Edinburgh band, Sanna - Carbon Compound Combinations, is released on KWAM YC records on 18th May 2019.

Launch night is being held at…

@ Leith Fab Cricket Club

1 Leith Links, Edinburgh EH6 7QR

7:30pm - 1am

See ye’s doon there!

Sanna Graham
Sanna release 'Eco Devo' ...

Sanna release 'Eco Devo' their hip hoptic attack on thi devastating economic policies of thi day, and yesterday and thi day before that!! . Thi release is accompanied by a short film by Glenda Rome. It uses found footage from Sanna's hirsute heyday of thi early 90's, when thi best policy, if not thi only one, was to gub a swedger or two & dance!!! :)

Sanna Graham
Volume Two - 4-Track Mind...

Welcome to Volume Two of 4-Track Mind, a brand new series of live music events featuring local musicians and raising awareness of charitable causes.

For our second event, we are going to be spotlighting the grassroots community centre We Are Here, who work with refugees in Northern Greece. Information about their work can be found at

100% of ticket proceeds will go towards funding We Are Here's work. You can buy your tickets at the URL for We Got Tickets above.

" say that Sanna's sound is captivating is like saying the ocean's blue. 'Ethereal pop'; 'echo melodic'; and a 'hypnotic road trip into the dark'. None of these descriptions really nail it but they're getting close." - The Leither Magazine, May 2018

In 2017, Amy and Cameron released their collaborative EP, 'Getting Ready for a Swim', at a sold-out launch in St Andrews. Since then, the two have continued to develop and mature in voice, playing tunes old and new, and always with an element of that familiar folk sound. "Thanks to Amy Hill & Cameron Newell, it is still an exciting time to be in love with music." - Hearing Aid Magazine, 2018.

Paper Sparrows are a folk/Americana band from Edinburgh. Influenced by music from the likes of Bert Jansch to the Milk Carton Kids...and some. The band also host Edinburgh folk club 'Folksville'.
doors 7.30 / summerhall cafe / all welcome…

Sanna Graham
Hullo folks...

Anyone thinkin' of comin' along to the Carrier's Quarters gig on Friday should note that it should kick-off at a fairly prompt 7.30pm, as opposed to standard sanna vague time. We'll be playing probably 2 35-40 minute sets, so if yer plannin' on hearing the full gamut from the comfort of a seat ye'll want to get there sharpish. Anyone not thinkin' of comin' along to the Carrier's Quarters gig on Friday should seriously reconsider. See youse thenaboots...! x

Sanna Graham